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Futures, Options & Derivatives

This two-day course will help you understand what futures, options, and derivatives are, how they work, how they are used, where they are traded, the benefits and limitations of each type of instrument and how they can be applied to both speculative trading and commercial hedging operations.

Full Course Description

Topics covered include:

  • The vocabulary of futures, options and derivatives.
  • The what, why, how and who of futures, options and derivatives markets.
  • The mathematics of options premiums, historical and implied volatility and the Greeks.
  • Differences and similarities of futures, options and derivatives.
  • Real-time trading and hedging examples for all products in the energy infrastructure using futures, options and derivatives.
  • Correlation and basis analysis.
  • Options pricing models: Black – Scholes and Cox-Ross-Rubenstein.
  • Popular options spread strategies used by speculators and commercial hedgers.

Live vs. On Demand Courses

With EMI’s traditional live courses, you’ll get an in-person classroom experience where you can connect directly with your instructor and industry peers. EMI On Demand courses give you instant online access to instructor-narrated courses that you can start, stop, pause and view at your convenience.

Please Note: Exact content will differ between our Live and and On Demand courses. CPE credits not available for On Demand courses. On Demand courses also do not contain any listed trading simulations, group exercises etc. See the Futures, Options & Derivatives On Demand course description for full details.

This course is applicable to all levels of the energy infrastructure including oil, natural gas, electricity and coal. Individuals whose decisions have significant financial impact will benefit from this program. Managers from areas such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, supply and distribution, trading risk management, purchasing and financial and accounting will all find the course highly beneficial.

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Introductory to Intermediate
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