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International Oil Refined Product Trading

Join EMI for this interactive, hands-on, 3-day physical refined products trading course.

You will leave this course with an integrated framework for understanding all aspects of the dynamic and ever-changing world of refined products arbitrage trading from a physical and financial perspective. This program will include one full day of real-world opportunities to trade and analyze.

International Oil Refined Product Trading is designed from the perspective of an oil trader or a trader wanting more oil exposure in their portfolio from trading the large international refined products spread trading markets. This unique program will delve into the details of the physical market, including discussions on the fundamentals, major refined products markets, and characteristics of the markets, operations and logistics, freight trading and distinct differences between the physical and financial markets.

Attendees will learn by doing. Using real-time examples with current data, attendees will spend an entire day going through five very different cases which will include analyzing, decision-making and trading around the data presented. The instructor will interact with each team during their preparation amd offer learning comments during their post-selection period. Each session will include comments and a critique by the instructor and the attendees on their performance. Successful trading comes with not only learning and preparing, but also with critiquing ones performance and building a ‘what to do and not do” type of trading diary during various market environments.


Full Course Description
  • The basics and fundamentals of oil spread trading
  • The vocabulary of oil spread trading
  • The what, why, how and who of refined prodcuts spread trading
  • The market participants
  • Technical and fundamental analysis and trading techniques
  • Market behavior
  • Approach development and testing
  • Advanced techniques
  • Combining fundamental and technical analysis
  • Real-time trading examples for many of the refined product spreads discussed throughout the course
  • A full-day opportunity to incorporate what you learned in the program into developing an approach to trading some of the key refined product arbitrage/spreads discussed throughout the program


This course is specifically designed for people working in: Oil Trading, Risk Management, Supply, Transport and Operations, Sales and Marketing and Energy Purchasing.

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