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Intro to Shale Gas and Tight Oil

Gain a solid grasp on the fundamentals of the recent radical success of the Unconventional Revolution, with its dramatic increase in shale gas and tight oil production/reserves changing the global energy market forever. Learn about these new play areas not only in North America but worldwide, including evolving technology, environmental concerns and market and geopolitical relationships. It is crucial for current energy professionals to appreciate the magnitude of the potential and the mode of development for these plays because they are the future for our energy-hungry world.

Full Course Description

Topics covered include:

  • Exploration and production geology principles (conventional vs. unconventional plays).
  • Technology applications (laterals, fracking, proppant, packers).
  • Processing and transportation (gas plants, pipelines, LNG, storage).
  • Characteristics, reserves and development for global unconventional plays.
  • Environmental issues (emissions, water and waste management, earthquakes, spills).’
  • Market implications (supply/demand, spot/forward market, price collapse, exports, jobs).
  • Alternative fuels comparison (ethanol, biofuels, renewables, infrastructure, gas future).

This course is intended for general audiences. Ideal for professionals seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of these emerging industries. Program assumes little to no previous knowledge of Shale Gas markets and technologies.

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