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Introduction to Energy Trading & Hedging

This two-day introductory course examines all of the instruments, tools and techniques available to the energy trader today. You’ll explore the nuances and quirks specific to the energy markets, understand the risks and rewards across sectors and develop a macro view designed to improve your timing and help you develop a successful speculative trading or commercial hedging program!

Full Course Description
  • The basics and fundamentals of energy trading.
  • Real-time trading examples for all products in the energy infrastructure using the various technical tools and techniques.
  • What the various energy trading and risk management instruments, tools and techniques are, and how they work.
  • Designing your risk management program, defining your hedge objectives and determining the appropriate hedge strategies for your company.
  • How to define your price/margin exposure.
  • How to assess the risk profile of your company and implement a hedge strategy.
  • Development of daily marked to market, monitoring and adjusting your hedge strategy.

This course is applicable to all levels of the energy infrastructure, oil, natural gas, electricity. Energy professionals from the following organizations would highly benefit from this course: Wholesale/marketing companies, jobbers/home heating oil distributors, major oil, natural gas and independent (including marketers, supply and distribution personnel, exchange personnel, terminal managers and risk managers), wholesale and commercial managers, government agencies (Federal, State, and Municipal), transportation companies (gasoline and diesel powered fleets), and utilities.

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