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Midstream Oil and Gas Fundamentals

Get familiar with the midstream sector (trading, transportation, logistics) , which is experiencing rapid change worldwide and most dramatically in North America. This course provides a good working knowledge of oil and gas gathering, processing, pipelines and storage facilities including a review of history, evolution and forward trends in this segment. There is also exposure to concepts, tools, terms, players and principles regarding commodity markets, trading activities and corporate structures like Master Limited Partnerships. The recent phenomenal growth of domestic crude oil and natural gas and the need to get the product to market has necessitated dramatic investment for new pipeline, processing and terminal / plant systems, rail options, marine vessels, with increased activity in mergers and acquisitions.

Full Course Description

Topics focused on include:

  • Crude oil and natural gas gathering and processing/refining.
  • Pipeline infrastructure, operations and trends.
  • Marine and rail transport options.
  • Storage facilities and operations.
  • Crude oil and natural gas marketing and trading.
  • Evolution of the Master Limited Partnership.
  • LNG operations, markets and major projects.
  • Trends toward midstream differentiation.

This program is ideal for companies and individuals interested in understanding how the midstream sector provides an integral link between the upstream and downstream sectors. Companies benefiting from this program often provide services and materials which make possible the midstream transportation, storage and wholesale marketing of crude, gas and refined products. These include:

  • Pipeline developers
  • Rail providers (big rail and shortline)
  • Rail car suppliers
  • Trucking companies
  • Barge companies
  • Terminal developers and operators
  • Transloading providers
  • Gathering/processing companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Technology providers

Any firm affected by midstream operations and their economic impact will benefit, including:

  • Crude and gas buyers, traders and marketers
  • Refinery/gas plant managers
  • Landmen
  • Lease negotiators
  • Pipeline schedulers
  • Supply and distribution staff
  • Tariff managers
  • Condensate marketers
  • NGL traders/marketers
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