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Natural Gas Risk Management

In this two-day course you’ll learn a wide array of tools and techniques for managing your company’s risk in the natural gas market. With a primary focus on emerging trends, this course approaches the natural gas market with a view of the main elements that impact price and volatility and how these elements are part of the tools needed to manage the margins of your specific business.

Full Course Description

You’ll examine:

  • Market macro and micro fundamentals
  • Natural Gas purchasing and selling methodology
  • Processing and marketing
  • Futures and options for natural gas risk management
  • Over-the-counter swaps, options, forwards for natural gas risk management and trading
  • Techniques to put all of these pieces together.

We will also cover:

  • What market factors impact your margins and why you need to manage your company’s risk.
  • How to assess the risk profile of your company and implement a hedge strategy.
  • Best practices for a commercial hedging program in the natural gas industry.
  • Designing your risk management program, defining your hedge objectives and determining the appropriate hedge strategies for your company.
  • Development of daily marked to market, monitoring and adjusting your hedge strategy.
  • The importance of OTC swaps and exchange-traded futures in development and implementation of a successful commercial hedging operation in the natural gas industry.

This course is designed for utilities, major oil and large independent processors, marketers, government agencies, end users, purchasers with responsibility for managing natural gas risk, futures and OTC Brokers.

Industry Segment
Course Level
Introductory to Intermediate
CPE Credits
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