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Physical Crude Oil and Products Trading

This highly interactive and intensive two-day physical crude oil and products trading course will provide the attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the US and international physical oil trading business from the perspective of both the trader and the supply analyst. EMI’s unique program delves into the details of the physical market on day one, including discussions on the fundamentals, major crude oil and products markets, characteristics of the markets, operations and logistics, freight trading and distinct differences between the physical and financial markets. On day two the program focuses on making money. The course attendees will be exposed to arbitrage (spread) trading as well as outright (long/short) trading opportunities. EMI will present approaches that work for physical trading as well as for valuing and relating both physical crude oil and products back to the refinery gate. The program also includes a very exiting simulated trading exercise.

Full Course Description
  • Crude oil and products supply and demand.
  • Crude oil evaluation and selection.
  • Oil refining and products.
  • Discussion of various pricing mechanisms.
  • Physical oil markets and pricing.
  • Operations and logistics.
  • Freight trading.
  • Comparison of physical and financial trading.
  • Arbitrage/spread trading.
  • Refinery trading and supply.
  • Physical outright (long/short) trading.
  • Approach to trading physicals.
  • Simulated trading session.

You will also:

  • Learn about supply and demand for crude oil and products.
  • Understand the principles of crude oil evaluation and selection.
  • Develop your knowledge of oil refining and products.
  • Explore physical oil markets, pricing formation, shipping, operations and contracts.
  • Gain knowledge about futures, swaps, options and Over-The-Counter markets.
  • Become familiar with trading techniques, terminology, hedging and physical trading.
  • Develop expertise in management of market exposure and price risk.
  • Improve your negotiation skills.
  • Understand the commercial aspects of the downstream oil business

This course is designed for people working in:

  • Oil trading
  • Risk management
  • Supply, transport and operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Energy purchasing
  • Refining
  • Management and financial accounting
  • Strategic planning and economics
  • Analysis
Industry Segment
Course Level
Introductory to Intermediate
CPE Credits
EMI Credits