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Power Trading Fundamentals

Experience comprehensive hands-on instruction, lecture and real-life examples that bring to life the entire power market complex. Our curriculum sets a new standard in higher learning as we delve deeply into the power markets with highly relevant content for today and tomorrow’s energy industry.

This course provides basic to mid-level participants with comprehensive training on power trading. Beginners will learn the essentials while more advanced learners will learn many finer points. EMI delivers highly focused insight into the key factors that drive success in power markets.

Full Course Description

Topics covered include:

  • Why are the power markets the most volatile of all markets?
  • What fundamental factors drive the power markets?
  • What role does weather play in determining prices?
  • What role do fuel prices play in determining prices?
  • What are Locational Marginal Prices and why should you care?
  • What is the difference between rea- time, day-ahead and forward power prices?
  • What trading tools are used in the power markets, and where can participants find liquidity?
  • How are power trading books analyzed, and how do risk management best practices apply?
  • What is the status of power market de-regulation and where is it headed?
  • How do ancillary services, emissions and renewable mandates affect the power markets?

Power and fuel purchasers, analysts, traders, trade support staff, finance and auditing personnel. Entry-level to intermediate professionals from: merchant generators, banks, utilities, power marketers, retail providers, back office, hedgers, marketers, end-users and government agencies.

Industry Segment
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Introductory to Intermediate
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