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Transportation Fuel Purchasing

This course is designed for the unique and significant fueling needs of Class 8 LTL, TL and transit fleets. Fuel procurement professionals require an understanding of the petroleum industry coupled with internal fleet dynamics to effectively manage their needs. EMI understands the nuances of these operations from the logistical restrictions requiring the use of specific truck stops, avoiding out-of-route miles, incorporating bulk fueling locations and the use of fuel surcharges. We provide an in-depth understanding of the petroleum supply and distribution system along with the mind set and motivations behind most suppliers. This knowledge is coupled with the tips, tools, and techniques of building a realistic fuel budget and negotiating a portfolio of supply. Lastly we look at price risk management tools that may assist the fleet in meeting cost objectives.

Full Course Description

Topics covered include:

  • Petroleum infrastructure and supply logistics.
  • Supplier motivations and perspectives.
  • Building a five-prong supply portfolio.
  • Determining realistic price forecasts and budgets.
  • Evaluating retail discount and cost-plus offers.
  • Bulk strategies that enhance buying power.
  • Purchase timing strategies to enhance cost-plus effectiveness.
  • When, where, and how to use the futures market.

Anyone who is involved in the fuel procurement process at Class 8 and transit fleets will benefit from this course. Even fuel suppliers benefit by better learning from the needs of the buyer. Past attendees have included: Fuel buyers/managers, fleet managers, truck stop managers, CEOs and CFOs, finance and treasury personnel.

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Introductory to Intermediate
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