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Energy Management Institute uses its market expertise to publish business-critical indices and market metrics across North America

Our detailed insight includes pricing, transportation and volumetric data, as well as forecasts, market news, price risk management advice and more.

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  • FutureRack℠ Wholesale Fuel Price Forecasts

    Real-time and intraday reports by market. No more guessing when to lift product at the rack. Get advance notice of potential rack prices with EMI’s FutureRack℠ market forecasts.

  • The Daily Hedger: Energy’s Best Source for Daily Market Insight

    Get one of the most important daily reports in oil and gas today. Subscribers receive daily trading recommendations, critical downstream oil and gas news, analysis, pricing, market indicators and purchasing and hedging advice.

  • FutureRack℠ Live Fuel Price Forecasts

    Live up-to-the minute wholesale rack price forecast! Now see tomorrow’s rack prices anytime you wish via the web. FutureRack℠ Live has been transforming the way bulk fuel buyers and sellers purchase fuel across the industry. With a proven 98% accuracy rate on our market forecasts, FutureRack is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get an edge on daily rack price moves.

  • Energy Market Analysis

    EMI’s Energy Market Analysis delivers insightful energy market analysis and educated, reliable predictions of the moves that prices, traders and market investors are likely to make. Get one of the most valuable yet affordable tools an energy professional could have.

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EMI intelligence is distributed to thousands of users each day, assisting in financial and physical energy market guidance, analysis and decision-making. While our specialty is crude and downstream refined products, our scope encompasses natural gas, renewables, power and emerging sectors as well.

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EMI intelligence is delivered directly to customers via web, FTP and email. Many customers prefer delivery through one of our integrated third party partners. EMI products can be found on platforms offered by Thomsen Reuters, Bloomberg, Platt’s, Schneider DTN and more. Custom delivery options are also available.

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