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Introduction to Petroleum Hedging

EMI’s On Demand Introduction to Petroleum Hedging delivers more than 7 hours of online, recorded instruction. You get the same in-depth, top-notch learning experience that EMI’s in-person classes are known for. Plus you have the advantage of accessing your course anytime, anywhere.

This primer provides a practical understanding of petroleum hedging and energy price risk management for those with limited or no knowledge of the subject. The focus is on CME Group’s NYMEX exchange-traded instruments and begins with a thorough understanding of the exchange itself. Futures contracts are defined and used in relevant industry examples and detailed case studies to learn the basics of energy price risk management. We will connect the dots between the financial aspects of the futures market and the physical market where product is consumed.  This course simplifies and removes the mystery of what many consider to be an intimidating subject.

Full Course Description

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Specific topics covered include:

  • Hedging and risk management defined.
  • NYMEX market basics and functionality.
  • Futures contracts and expiration.
  • Defining risk and hedge objectives.
  • Forward month trading and curve influence.
  • Basis definition and calculation.
  • Forecasting and budgeting.
  • Hedge accounting.

The course consists of 7 sessions totaling 7 hours 15 minutes of recorded instruction. Sessions covered are:

Session 1: Hedging Defined
Session 2: NYMEX Futures
Session 3: Forward Curve
Session 4: Financial-Physical Connection
Session 5: Correlations
Session 6: Hedge Objectives
Session 7: Basis and Budgeting

SCORM compliant. Available across all platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile).

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Group licensing available. Contact EMI at or 888.871.1207 to request details. CPE credits are not currently available for EMI On Demand courses.

Introduction to Petroleum Hedging is designed to benefit a full spectrum of attendees, from those with only a passing curiosity on the subject to those needing hard and fast tips, tools and techniques they can implement now. Trucking companies, private fleets, construction companies, refiners and marketers, downstream petroleum jobbers, and petroleum end-users and consumers will all benefit from this macro-level course.

Strongly consider attending if you fit one of the following categories:

  • Diesel-powered fleets
  • Gasoline-powered fleets
  • Petroleum jobber personnel
  • Retail chain personnel
  • Oil company management and staff
  • Pipeline management and staff
  • Terminal operations
  • Schedulers
  • Interdepartmental transfers
  • Finance management and staff
  • Administrative personnel
  • Utilities
  • Human resource personnel
  • New/transferred hires from mergers
  • New/transferred hires from acquisition
  • Anyone new to the industry
  • Those considering entering the industry
  • Students and academics
  • Media
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