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Refinery Basics

This prerequisite program will introduce you to the very interesting world of refining. The course is designed to help participants at every level of the energy and financial infrastructure gain a more detailed understanding of what a refinery is and how a refinery works. Program length: 105 Minutes.

The world is struggling to keep up with the growing demand for oil products. The refining sector is running close to maximum capacity throughout the entire year. The result has been many unscheduled problems causing wide swings in prices. It is, therefore, a requirement to be knowledgeable about how a refinery works to better understand how this important sector of the energy industry fits into the equation. The refining sector is a complex and often misunderstood business. This program is step one in demystifying this integral part of the business.

You will leave this course with a solid and immediately useful understanding of:

  • What a refinery is.
  • The lifeblood of a refinery—crude.
  • The key processing units in a refinery.
  • A discussion on gasoline.

This is one of the premier starter courses into the world of refining. You will be exposed to many of the essential terms and concepts and to how a refinery works. You will be introduced to naturally occurring crude oil products as well as those products produced by chemical alteration. You’ll also learn how these products are treated and how they are blended and made ready for distribution into the market.

Full Course Description

Are you in the energy industry or do you work in a related industry that relies on energy (i.e. financial trading)? If so, now is the time to expand the depth of your knowledge.

This critical online program introduces many topics that are of special interest to the energy and energy-related community. The program is filled with an extraordinary amount of valuable information for those who want to understand how a refinery works to better understand the relationships of crude oil with finished oil products.

Topics covered include:

  • What a refinery is.
  • Crude oil—The feedstock,
  • Introduction to key refinery processes.
  • Gasoline blending.
  • Simple, complex and very complex refineries.
  • Distillation.
  • Cracking.
  • Coking.
  • Alkylation, reforming and isomerization.

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